Enjoy the best of Streetkings and EQfit Academy combined together.

When 2 worlds connect


Edward van Gils has experienced tremendous highs and tremendous lows his entire life. At a young age, Edward was confronted with problems at his parental home and crime. Edward managed to use street football to turn the struggles of his early years into something positive. Thanks to street football, Edward has travelled the whole world to talk about his mission and/or play with the world’s best football players. He wants his life story to inspire and motivate people to get back a positive and confident view of life.

Together we make the difference

At EQfit Academy, we make people aware of their own actions so that they create a basis of security for themselves. A powerful and effective method. Not talking, but doing. We do not work with diagnoses, but see and hear the person sitting in front of us. Working for adults, children and organizations. From a  non-judgmental objective attitude, we offer people immediate results. Everyone has the right to a beautiful and happy life. Marie-liz de Jongh also has a childhood full of extreme problems what she has overcome and is driven to change the way we look at trauma and how to overcome it.