The king

The most important piece in chess is the King. Like the father and the male part in us who gives us the sense of feeling safe and protected. How do you use this system in your life?

the queen

The Queen is the most powerful piece in the game of chess. We can see it as the mother. Where it all begins. What kind of start did you get in life? 

Do you want to be a pawn or a King or a Queen? 

In life we don’t always get a choice. So it’s important to create one. Be your own King or Queen and play it out in the game.

How do you use your emotions and body functions in the game?

Do your emotion controle you or do you control your emotions? How does emotions influence your body functions?

How high are you willing to go? Do you have the power achieve everything?

Do you work with children or young adults? Do you wanna go that extra mile for them?